Game Oven
Based in Utrecht, Netherlands

Release date:
29 April 2015

Windows Phone


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You are the ocean. Touch the sea with your fingers and guide jellyfish through a roguelike underwater world. You chart a path to the depths of the ocean, trying to keep your jellyfish together and survive all the dangers ahead. Each level connects to another, but there is no easy way to reach the end. Change the direction of the sea currents and lead the jellyfish to safety... or death.


Jelly Reef started as a student project, around the idea of swiping to change ocean currents. Instead of controlling characters, you control the elements. The idea to make a full game out of the original project was lying around for years, and when we finally picked it up, we started over completely: new art style, sounds, worlds, characters, and goals. Jelly Reef is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


  • Control the flow of the ocean!
  • Procedurally generated levels – your journey will be unique each time.
  • Beautiful, colorful environments teeming with creatures and corals.
  • Chart your adventure through 3 unique worlds and reach the bottom of the sea.


Jelly Reef Gameplay TrailerYouTube, Vimeo




Selected Articles

  • "Jelly Reef sounds like it could be a nice, relaxing experience."
    - Chris Priestman, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • "This is definitely a game to keep an eye on."
    - Carter Dotson, toucharcade.com
  • "Look at their peppy little faces!"
    - Thomas Schulenberg, joystiq.com
  • "The game focuses on controlling the elements rather than the characters."
    - Tracey Lien, polygon.com
  • "It looks like a beautiful and intriguing game."
    - Darren, gameoos.com
  • "The world looks spectacular, the music is relaxing, the sound effects are lively and pragmatic, the controls are intuitive, and the gameplay is simple but challenging."
    - Christine Chan, appadvice.com

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About Game Oven

Game Oven is the studio Fingle, Bam fu, Friendstrap and Bounden. Formerly based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, they were three people that make games with new, weird and unique ways for people to interact with each other. As of April, Game Oven shut doors.

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Jelly Reef Credits

Bojan Endrovski
Designer, Developer

Adriaan de Jongh

Eline Muijres

Rumena Najchevska

Jesse Maasdam
Sound Designer

Nenad Stojanovikj

Sandra da Cruz Martins
Visual Concept- and Game Design Contributor

Tim van der Hoek

Adriaan de Jongh, Bas Kersten, Jeroen van Knotsenburg, Peter Goes, Sandra da Cruz Martins, Sherida Halatoe, Tim Hengeveld, Tim Scheel
Original concept

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